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HCDP Houston Food Bank Fundraiser a Success!

Houston Food Drive Results

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the HCDP fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank. Your generous donations helped us provide our Houston neighbors with 20,863 meals! Helping fill the pantries of families experiencing food insecurity is critically important right now. The number of families needing hunger relief has grown significantly as a result of the pandemic. There are many ways to continue to help the Houston Food Bank — with food donations, funding and volunteer time.


HCPD Joins Texas Groups Calling for Cruz, Paxton, 16 Texas Reps to Resign

Coalition Calls for Accoutability

Join HCDP, Indivisible TX Lege and more than 80 Texas organizations and leaders calling for the resignation of Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Ken Paxton and 16 Texas leaders involved in inspiring the seditious attack on our Capitol. This grassroots coalition wants to see lawmakers who encouraged the January 6th riot held responsible for their actions.


Apply for the HCDP Leadership Academy!

HCDP Leadership Academy

Are you a progressive, passionate, future organizer? Applications are now being accepted for our 10-week, virtual Leadership Academy. The program provides a unique learning opportunity for volunteer leaders to gain hands-on exposure to grassroots organizing and strengthen your understanding of the political process. Application deadline is January 31st. The semester begins February 8th and runs through April 17th.


Meet Rufi Natarajan - HCDP Special Projects Director & AAPI Committee Chair

Meet Rufi Natarajan

When Rufi Natarajan got involved in the party she came in with little knowledge on how to run campaigns, how to do political fundraising or how to do Asian American Pacific Islander organizing. But she came in with an attitude to get the work done. With professional experience as a real estate broker and small business owner, she hit the ground running. Since 2017 she has:

  • Built the Sustaining Membership Program;
  • Led efforts to organize the last 3 annual fundraisers, Johnson, Rayburn, Richards Dinner;
  • Coordinated the build out and move to our new office location in the heart of 5th ward;
  • Served on the HCDP Steering Committee as the Co-Chair for the Fundraising Committee; and
  • Chaired the AAPI Committee for the party to increase voter participation and civic engagement amongst the AAPI community in Harris County.

Dine-With-A-Dem Fundraiser - February 17th at 6:30 PM

Dine-With-A-Dem Fundraiser

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the Harris County Democratic Party invites you to show some love for progressive values on Wednesday, February 17th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM for Dine-With-A-Dem Fundraiser. Participate in the auction to win a virtual mentoring evening with one of your favorite Democratic thought leaders - starting ask $150:

  • Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia
  • Representative Shawn Thierry
  • Representative Jon Rosenthal
  • Representative Gene Wu
  • County Judge Lina Hidalgo
  • County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth
  • County Attorney Christian Menefee
  • District Clerk Marilyn Burgess
  • HCDP Chair Lillie Schechter
  • Justice Amparo Guerra
  • Justice Julie Countiss
  • Judge Dawn Rogers
  • Judge Lesley Briones
  • Judge Tanya Garrison
  • Judge Natalia "Nata" Cornelio
  • Judge Leah Shapiro
  • Judge Clinton "Chip" Wells
  • Judge Genesis Draper
  • Judge Shannon Baldwin
  • Judge Jerry Simoneaux
  • Judge Raul Rodriguez
  • Former County Clerk Chris Hollins

Yes, the election is over, but that doesn’t mean HCDP takes the year off. We still need to raise money to keep our team employed, deepen our relationships with underrepresented communities, and prepare for the 2022 election, where we could get rid of Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and AG Ken Paxton. Our work of turning Texas blue continues!

Dine-With-A-Dem Dessert Auction

We are also auctioning off desserts prepared by Judge Tanya Garrison and Judge Scot Dollinger - starting ask $75.

While the election is over, that doesn’t mean HCDP takes the year off. We still need to raise money to keep our team employed, deepen our relationships with underrepresented communities, and prepare for the 2022 election, where we could get rid of Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and other Texas Republicans.

Our work of turning Texas blue continues!


HCDP Names Delilah Agho-Otoghile Interim Executive Director

Interim Director Agho-Otoghile

The Harris County Democratic Party today announced that Delilah Agho-Otoghile has been appointed Interim Executive Director for the Party, effective Feb. 15, 2021. Daniel “DJ” Ybarra is leaving the position after more than two years to begin work at the Harris County Election Administrator’s Office.

Agho-Otoghile is a native Houstonian and political strategist. For the historic November 2020 presidential election and January 2021 Georgia Senate runoffs, she served as the National Field Director for Win Justice, a $32-million collaborative — consisting of Planned Parenthood, SEIU, Color of Change, and Community Change Action — that helped elect President Joe Biden and flip control of the U.S. Senate. Prior to that, she was the Texas State Director for Beto O'Rourke's presidential campaign and was the Field Director for Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign.

“Delilah brings in-depth expertise and insight to the interim director role,” Lillie Schechter, HCDP Chair, said. “I am certain that with Delilah, HCDP will continue to deliver on our mission and meet the needs of our community and candidates.”


Harris County Joint Election - May 1, 2021

May 1 Joint Election

Local elections matter! This year various entities including - municipal, school districts, water districts, and any other local government entities - will be conducting elections around Harris County.

This next election is scheduled for Saturday, May 1st. Early vote begins on Monday, April 19th through Tuesday, April 27th. Polling locations, hours, and sample ballots can be found at as the election approaches.

If you're interested in working this election, please contact the Harris County Elections Administrator's recruitment team at or call 713-755-5792.

Help Support HCDP Through Our Membership Program

The Harris County Democratic Party membership program has five membership levels:

Friend of HCDP - $10 a month
Ally of HCDP - $15 a month
Activist of HCDP - $30 a month
Advocate of HCDP - $60 a month
Champion of HCDP - $125 a month

Sustaining members who donate a regular monthly or annual amount allow us to underwrite our day-to-day operations. This is how we pay our staff. This is how we support Democratic candidates. This is how we fund our voter outreach.

This is how we help elect more Democrats to office.