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Congratulations, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson!!!

Ketanji Brown Jackson Named SCOTUS Justice

The ayes have it! HCDP would like to congratulate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has been confirmed as the first Black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

A D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals judge and former member of the U.S Sentencing Commission, Justice Jackson has led a career dedicated to public service. She remained a model of judicial integrity throughout her entire confirmation process and HCDP can’t wait for all the great things she’ll do as the 116th justice on the highest court in the land!


Harris County Democrats Call Out Local GOP for ‘Trying to Sow Chaos’ in Upcoming Election

GOP Trying to Sow Chaos During Election Planning

The Harris County Democratic Party has flagged an issue impacting preparation for the May Primary Runoff Election: Republican representatives are intentionally and willfully delaying the planning process in order to create turmoil that will further erode confidence in our democratic elections.

“Harris County Republican Party officials demonstrated this week that they have abandoned all efforts to even appear like they are working in good faith” with the Democratic Party to plan for the upcoming election, said Rob Icsezen, Deputy Chair of the HCDP Primary Elections Committee.

Icsezen’s committee is working with its GOP counterparts – per Texas Election Code requirements – to determine the polling locations that will be used by voters in the May 24 Primary Runoff Election.

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Oklahoma Legislature Passes Total Abortion Ban

Oklahoma Bans Abortion

The Oklahoma Legislature has passed a near total abortion ban that is currently awaiting signature from Republican Governor Kevin Stitt.

Senate Bill 612 prohibits all abortion except in instances of medical emergency where it is necessary to save the mother’s life and will likely be challenged almost instantly if signed into law.

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Meet Chris Rice, HCDP Director of Training, Voter Registration

Director of Training Chris Rice

Please join us in welcoming Chris Rice, HCDP’s new Director of Training & Voter Registration, to the team! Chris is a passionate community organizer with a background in teaching. He got involved in politics at 15 when he interned with HCDP and has been committed to progress ever since. Chris has already hit the ground running; so if you see him, make sure to say hi!

“I’m fighting to make sure every individual, regardless of their race, gender, income, or sexual orientation, gets a fair shot at life and can truly enjoy the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” - Chris Rice

Sign Up to be a Delegate for the July Texas State Democratic Convention

Texas Democratic Convention

There’s still time to register as a delegate for the Texas Democratic State Convention in Dallas on July 14-16!

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Dan Patrick to Push 'Don't Say Gay' Legislation in Texas

Patrick to Push 'Don't Say Gay' Legislation

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said today he will prioritize passing Texas legislation that mimics Florida’s harmful “Don’t Say Gay” bill prohibiting classroom lessons on sexual orientation or gender identity for kids below the 4th grade.

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April is Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

This Autism Acceptance Month, HCDP is honoring all of the strong, smart, funny, quirky, brilliant folks on every level of the spectrum. #CelebrateDifferences

Learn more about Autism Acceptance Month.

Donate to the Autism Society.

Calling All Volunteers: Join the 2022 HCDP Road Show!

Join a Democratic Club Today!


The HCDP 2022 Road Show starts this weekend with HD 135, Jon Rosenthal!

Jon Rosenthal - HD 135

HD 135 - Jon Rosenthal
Event & Canvass on 4/9
Phone Bank on 4/12
Canvass on 4/16

Continuing through April with….

HD 128 - Chuck Crews
Event & Canvass on 4/23
Phone Bank on 4/26
Canvass on 4/30

We are going to pause in May to focus on the Primary Runoff Election- but please feel free to join us in calling votes every Monday and Thursday at 5pm! Sign up here.

HD 138 - Stephanie Morales
Event & Canvass on 6/4
Phone Bank on 6/7
Canvass on 6/11

HD 150 - Ginny Brown Daniel
Event & Canvass on 6/18
Phone Bank on 6/21
Canvass on 6/25

Precinct Chair Updates

For Our Precinct Chairs

VAN Sign on...

Don't forget to check the little box on the sign-on page and put a check in the box to bypass the two-factor process for 30 days from the same computer.


We will be publishing the new training classes that are being conducted every Wednesday for Precinct Chairs to learn about Organizing, Block Walks, VAN and much, much more. Sign up for training.

If you cannot make the class, we will publish a link to the class in the Precinct Chair/Captain Portal at

Precinct Chair Portal...

All precinct chairs have an account on the portal. If you do not know your username and/or password, please use the Forgot Username/Password on the logon page.

Help Support HCDP Through Our Membership Program

Work by the Harris County Democratic Party is supported through our membership program.

  • Friend of HCDP - $10 a month
  • Ally of HCDP - $15 a month
  • Activist of HCDP - $30 a month
  • Advocate of HCDP - $60 a month
  • Champion of HCDP - $125 a month

Sustaining members who donate a regular monthly or annual amount allow us to underwrite our day-to-day operations. This is how we pay our staff. This is how we support Democratic candidates. This is how we fund our voter outreach.

This is how we help elect more Democrats to office.

Report Shows Book Banning & Threats Against Librarians Skyrocketed in 2021

Book Bans Increase

The recent wave of Republican calls to ban books that discuss such topics as race, gender identity and sexual orientation from public schools has led to an increase in book challenges and threats against librarians.

“‘The number could well grow again in 2022,’ Caldwell-Stone said, ‘as conservative-led school boards and legislatures enact more restrictions.’”

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Thank You, Texas College Dems, U of H Dems, for a Fantastic Convention, Rally

Texas College Democrats Convention

Team HCDP had the BEST TIME with the Texas College Democrats at their state convention & Better Texas Rally on the University of Houston campus. We’re continuing the fight to preserve basic freedoms the GOP is hell-bent on destroying. Thank you, College Dems and hosts, the University of Houston Democrats!

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