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Texas SoS 'Randomly' Selects Harris County for 2022 Election Audit

'Almost Nothing Surprises Us Now,' Says HCDP Chair

Texas Secretary of State's Office Set to Audit 2022 Election in Harris County

November election results in Harris County will be audited, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s office, which says Harris County is one of four counties randomly selected by state officials to meet auditing requirements set forth in a new election law passed by the Texas legislature in 2021. Cameron County, Eastland County, and Guadalupe County were also selected.

“There are already review processes in place. Why keep wasting money & time that would be better spent on things like improving our schools, ensuring public safety, or fixing our power grid," said HCDP Chair Odus Evbagharu.

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Workers at Local Starbucks Announce Plans to Unionize

Starbucks on Upper Kirby Announces Plans to Unionize

Workers at the Shepherd Drive and Harold Street Starbucks location on Upper Kirby have begun the process of unionization, becoming the first location in Houston to do so. Citing lack of leadership or devoted management, the crew has been forced to take on the managerial responsibilities without additional compensation in order to help ensure their job security. The experience of the team at the Upper Kirby Starbucks parallels so many workplaces around the country, and the employee actions are the first falling dominoes in a workers' revolution that will facilitate fairness and improve quality of life in workplaces nationwide.  

HCDP stands in solidarity with these brave workers who are joining together to use their power to better their work situation. The world is watching, and we are all so proud.

                                         “Take it easy, but take it." — Woody Guthrie

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Texas AFT Launches Campaign Focused on Respecting, Supporting School Employees

Texas AFT Launches Respect Campaign

A November member survey conducted by the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers found that two-thirds intend to leave their jobs. Most of those leaving cited (among other reasons) the low pay, constant fear of an armed attack, and general trends of abuse and disrespect that educators are forced to power through on a daily basis. 

Teachers are an essential facet of our communities and are integral in the development of future generations. Despite this, educators are frequent victims of political attacks and poor working conditions due to gross underfunding and neglect at the hands of many lawmakers, who instead vilify teachers for fostering inclusion in their classrooms.

HCDP spoke with State Board of Education candidate Michelle Palmer, who said that “as a teacher in the state of Texas, [she has] felt under attack by the Texas Republican Party for several years."

"They want me to carry a gun in school but don't trust me to choose books for my students or to effectively teach history and government in my classroom. They have consistently underfunded public education and have undermined it even more through the proliferation of charter schools. It is no wonder that so many of my fellow teachers are looking to leave the career or have already done so. It is also why I am running for the Texas State Board of Education. Education is the foundation of every aspect of life, and it is being systematically destroyed in Texas.”

Teachers want and deserve respect, and Texas AFT has launched the RESPECT campaign speaking to this.

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Join us for the HCPD Coordinated Campaign Bowling Tournament!

Join the HCDP Bowling Tournament!

Join us Saturday, July 30, from 2 to 4 PM at AMF Windfern Lanes on 14441 Northwest Fwy for the bowling tournament of the millennium. There will be individual and team prizes, and a Disney-themed costume contest. So, be sure to dress up!

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HCDP Chair, DNC Member to Hold Post Texas Democratic Convention Discussion

Sign Up for Post-TDP Convention Discussion

Join HCDP Chair Odus Evbagharu and DNC Member Andre Treiber virtually on August 11 for a post-TDP Convention discussion.

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Mothers Against Greg Abbott’ Video Goes Viral

Mothers Against Greg Abbott Ad Goes Viral

Political action group 'Mothers Against Greg Abbott,’ (or the other MAGA) has recently made headlines for a video they released focused on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. 

The video features a montage of mothers criticizing Abbott on a myriad of issues including Texas gun policy, his handling of the grid failure, and the vilification of transgender children (and the parents who support them). The video has gone viral, spreading awareness worldwide about the backward policies Abbott and the GOP-led Texas Legislature have adopted in the Lone Star State.

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Join HCDP in Action: Volunteer Today!

Volunteers Needed!

There are just 100 days left until Election Day, and now is your chance to get activated! Join us this Sunday, July 31 as we kick off the 100-day countdown with some priority precinct block walking! 

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Check out some of our other fantastic volunteer opportunities!

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Weekly Phone Bank at HCDP HQ

Precinct Chair Corner

Precinct Chair Corner


Online VAN Training can be found on our website! Check out Week 4: Using VAN & MiniVAN - Google Drive. New users should watch this video; it answers many new user questions!

Since the CEC, some precinct chairs have asked about our Organizing Training Series. We will be posting the videos for the eight-week series you can watch them at your leisure. We will have in-person training after the Fall CEC.

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Annual HCDP Fundraising Dinner Scheduled for Sept. 10: Save the Date for the JRR

Save the Date for the JRR!

The 2022 Johnson Rayburn Richards (JRR) dinner is around the corner. The JRR is the largest Democratic fundraiser in Texas, and we want to invite you to join us at the Marriott Marquis in Downtown Houston on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022.

This year our democracy is on the line and it is time to band together so we can defend our rights. Our team is already hard at work in planning for this year's JRR and if you would like to become a sponsor, click here.

We also invite our Clubs and Coordinated Campaign Members to support the 2022 JRR.

Harris County is at the center of the change we need in Texas and if we mobilize and turn out our voters, we can win. We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 JRR!

Momentum is building! Can you feel it?!