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Texas Sen. Carol Alvarado Filibusters 15 Hours Against Restrictive GOP Elections Bill

Carol Alvarado Filibuster

State Sen. Carol Alvarado this week protested the voter suppression efforts we are seeing in Texas and across the nation by completing a 15-hour filibuster against SB1, a GOP voter-restrictions bill being fast-tracked through the State Senate. Although the bill she opposed passed 18-11 on Thursday along party lines, Alvarado’s strength and commitment inspired us all. Her act of protest spoke for minority and marginalized voices that might have remained invisible or not heard.

“The suppression bill has now passed the Texas Senate after @CarolforTexas filibuster. But her gutsy 15 hour stand has shown the nation how dangerous this legislation is, and the lengths we will go to stop it. Texans are stepping up, we need the US Senate to do the same,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo in a Tweet.

“As we draw this discussion to an end, it is my sincere hope that civil acts by everyday Texans, from the Senate floor to the ballot box, can help to shed the light on all important issues,” Alvarado said Thursday morning as she ended the filibuster. ”What do we want our democracy to look like?”

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Action Alert: Join HCDP for Block Walks, Other Volunteer Activities to Elect Democrats

HCDP Block Walks

HCDP staff & volunteers participated in a community-building block walk in Rice Military this weekend to ask about issues important to community members & inform fellow Dems about their local Democratic representatives. Join us this weekend in Alief or look for the Weekend of Action in two weeks, where multiple Democratic block walks will take place across the country.

Register for this Sunday, Aug. 15, Community-Building Block Walk in Alief below!

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Join the community-building block walks Saturday, Aug 21. These are friendly mini-block walks that will provide training on the community-building approach to organizing.

Southwest Community-Building Block Walk

Baytown Community-Building Block Walk

Northwest Community-Building Block Walk

Rice Military Community-Building Block Walk

Party Secretary Audrie Lawton-Evans Appointed Judge of Harris County Civil Court

Lawton Evans

The Harris County Commissioners Court this week appointed civil litigation attorney Audrie Lawton-Evans to preside over Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 1

“Audrie Lawton-Evans is a well-respected attorney and has been active in civically engaging and advocating for communities across Harris County. She’s a shining example of the great lawyers who come out of Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and I’m confident she’s going to be a dedicated, hard-working judge,” said Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee in a statement.

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In the News: Texas Rep Senfronia Thompson, Fighting for Voting Rights

Senfronia Thompson

From the Houston Chronicle: “As she began to testify to a congressional committee in late July, state Rep. Senfronia Thompson addressed the Republicans in the room who had said she should be back in Austin.

“‘I’m here because this is the seat of democracy and my people who I represent have a right to be able to vote — unabridged — just like all of you,’” she said.

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COVID Update: Texas Hospitals Overloaded

COVID Update

“Across Texas, health officials warned of overloaded, strained hospitals, a growing crisis not seen since early February, when a late winter wave deluged the state’s health care system.

More than 10,000 Texans have been hospitalized this week and at least 53 hospitals were at maximum capacity in their intensive care units.”

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Headlines: County Attorney Authorized by Commissioners to Sue Abbott Over Mask Mandate

Christian Menefee

Early this week, Judge Lina Hidalgo said she and county commissioners granted authorization for Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee to sue Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over his mask mandate ban.

“I’ve been very vocal since early on in the pandemic that the governor has been misusing his authority under the Disaster Act,” says Menefee.

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Events: Harris County District J Job Fair Set for Aug. 21

Job Fair District J

The office of Houston City Councilmember Edward Pollard is hosting an in-person job fair, District J Jobs, on Saturday, Aug. 21, where you will be able to interview for opportunities on the spot and get great information on how to create an effective resume.

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Save the Date: Next CEC Meeting Aug. 28

CEC Meeting Aug 28

The next CEC meeting is scheduled for Aug. 28, 2021, at 3 PM via Zoom for Precinct Chairs.

There will be a YouTube and Facebook Live link for the general public. Precinct Chairs may register using the link below!

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Running for Election in 2022? Join Our Coordinated Campaign

Coordinated Campaign

Join the HCDP Coordinated Campaign today! We help energize and empower members of the community to support local candidates. We conduct outreach to constituency groups — Democratic clubs and allied organizations. We implement direct voter contact programs to motivate and mobilize voters. We know we are stronger together. Become part of the Coordinated Campaign and capture the attention of a larger audience. Learn more by visiting or calling us at 713-802-0085.

HCDP Volunteer Highlights: Diane Feagin & Nancy Greig

Volunteers Feagin Greig

Diane Feagin is a native Houstonian who retired from Pasadena ISD. She’s been a volunteer for almost two years. Diane said she likes volunteering for HCDP because she enjoys “promoting the Democratic Party and its goals, as well as serving these ideals through action.” Volunteering “helps me learn more about the political systems, and gives me an opportunity to socialize and make new friends,” she said.

Nancy Greig signed up at the HCDP to answer phones in English and Spanish in October 2016 during the Clinton-Trump election. “I never anticipated it would become a permanent gig,” she said. “But the Tangerine Voldemort‘s win was so upsetting, I felt I had to do SOMETHING — so, I stayed on as a regular volunteer and have been helping out at the front desk (and virtually) ever since.”

Nancy grew up in Canada — with American parents — and moved to Texas in 1977 to attend UT. She worked for 24 years as the Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

“The terrifying prospect of a Republican vision of the USA taking hold keeps me motivated to continue to volunteer and to support the Democratic party,” Nancy said. “I also enjoy meeting the local HCDP players and learning more about the political process. Working with (HCDP Front Desk Volunteer Coordinator) Susan Woodyard has been great and really keeps me engaged in my volunteer duties.”

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You Should Join Our Team: HCDP is Hiring!

Now Hiring at HCDP

Are you committed to Democratic politics and ideals? Do you have enthusiasm and drive to help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot? Can you see yourself representing Harris County Democrats at community meetings and events? Would you like to help implement direct voter contact programs that motivate and mobilize voters across the county?

You sound like you should be a part of our team! We have open positions!

  • Executive Director
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