Tue, 08/31/2021 - 17:10

GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions Bill Passes in Texas

‘Today, Many Are Discouraged’ But ‘We Are More Determined Than Ever to Keep Fighting,’ Says HCDP Chair

The Texas Legislature today passed a GOP-backed voting bill that introduces a range of new voting rules and restrictions in our state. It now heads to Gov. Greg Abbott to be signed into law.

Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu made the following statement in response to the passage of SB1, :

“Dozens of members of the public testified against SB1, and organizations across Texas rallied against it. Our Democratic state representatives spoke up, pushed back and fought hard, but they didn’t have the numbers to stop this state-legislated voter suppression.

“Today, many are discouraged. But I want to remind you that Democrats are not defeated.

“Our numbers are growing larger. Our voices are growing louder.

“Democrats will continue to battle for the right to vote. We are more determined than ever to keep fighting, and we remain committed to continuing our engagement and outreach efforts in order to build the collective power we need to ensure every Texas voter has a voice in defining our government.

“We encourage our fellow Democrats in Harris County — and across the state — to help us create more opportunities to stay involved, stay in touch, and take action. You can help us continue to fight for social change and support the candidates and elected officials who work toward progress.”

“We also call on the U.S. Senate to take action now: Pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to stop the voter suppression that is occurring in Texas and throughout the nation.

“We must continue to face these threats to democracy head-on. We must continue to challenge those who attempt to silence our voices. We must protect our freedom to vote.”


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