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GOP Commissioner Dodges, Weaves Around Question About Election Integrity

Jack Cagle’s Non-Answer ‘Shows He is an Election Denier,’ Says HCDP Chair

HOUSTON – During a candidate forum this week, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle worked hard to avoid answering questions about the importance of election integrity, giving an “odd non-answer that shows he is an election denier,” said Odus Evbagharu, chair of the Harris County Democratic Party.

The HCDP Chair issued the following statement in response to Commissioner Cagle’s failure to address the question asked at the Harris County Precinct 4 Candidate Forum at Eagle’s Trace Senior Community Center.

“This dodge-and-weave routine isn't cutting it with us, and I think Harris County voters will agree: Jack Cagle's non-answer shows he actually is an election denier.

“I've rewatched Cagle's response three times and still can't identify an answer to the question about acceptance of an electoral outcome.

“Just like Gov. Abbott, Cagle appears to believe that people will fall for this GOP strategy of evading any and all questions about election integrity. But voters are not stupid.

“While Jack Cagle has a problem giving a straight answer to questions about accepting an electoral outcome, Democratic candidate Lesley Briones does not.

“Briones’ clear and well-thought-out response demonstrates knowledge that incidences of voter fraud are exceptionally rare and that election officials have protocols and procedures in place to ensure that every ballot is accounted for.

“She is not trying to sow seeds of doubt and undermine the Democratic process — unlike her opponent.

“I call on Harris County voters to cast your ballot for Lesley Briones in November so she can protect our freedom to vote.”

View a clip of the question-and-answer session here:

Excerpts of the answers to the election results question below:

Question: "There have been over 100 affidavits that have been submitted by Harris County residents to remove around 6,000 voters from the rolls. Where do you stand on honoring the election results?"

Lesley Briones: "Our right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. I stand behind the election results here in Harris County, in Texas, and our presidential election. I believe deeply in the peaceful transition of power. I believe deeply in our democracy. [...] We need to make sure we're living in a world of facts. President Biden won the election. We should always have peaceful transitions of power. And we need to make sure that all of our rights to vote are protected."

Jack Cagle: "There are two issues here. One is the national issue to which I'm not going to answer the national issue except for saying we've had a change of office and we've got another election coming up soon."


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