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Harris County Attorney Candidate Says Voter Rights Need to be Protected

State’s ‘Aggressive Approach to Undermine Local Officials’ Interferes with Voting Process, Puts Citizens at Risk, Says Menefee

Christian Menefee believes Harris County needs more representatives who will protect voters’ rights. Menefee, the Democratic candidate for County Attorney, says failure to fight attempts at suppression negatively impacts vulnerable people in our county. As the son of two veterans, Menefee understands the importance of duty, service, and fighting for everyday people.

“It’s Important to have a county attorney who is going to stand up and protect your voting rights,” Menefee said.

Under Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the state has repeatedly sued local officials who are working to make it easier to vote. According to Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lillie Schechter, this is a tactic to intimidate voters and create a chaotic voting process.

“Republican officials try to leverage the courts to keep more people from voting,” Schechter said. “They often file suit right before an election in order to confuse and discourage voters.”

“The state’s aggressive approach to undermine local officials is interfering with the voting process and making it harder for people to vote,” Menefee said. “County Clerk Chris Hollins is trying to make the ballot box more accessible, and the state is working against him with these baseless lawsuits.

“The most recent lawsuit regarding drive-thru voting is another tactic in a long list of Republican-led voter suppression,” said Schechter. “We are going to need a county attorney like Christian Menefee to protect our voters in future elections. The current election is an important one with far-reaching consequences.”

“I’m here to play ball, not sit on the sidelines,” Menefee said. “I will support strong local control and not allow for the continued destabilization of our local government by our state officials. I’ll be in Austin testifying against bad bills and supporting good bills that protect citizens.”

Menefee, who is committed to social justice causes, has offered pro bono legal services to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Texas Appleseed, an organization that promotes social and economic justice for all Texans by leveraging the skills and resources of volunteer lawyers. Menefee has served on the Houston Independent Police Advisory Board and worked as an intern in the Harris County Public Defender’s office before beginning his legal practice at Norton Rose Fulbright. If elected, Menefee will be the youngest person and the first African-American to hold the position of Harris County Attorney.

“I will bring a diverse perspective to the position that for years has not been reflective of who we are in this county.”

Schechter said this race demonstrates the importance of voting the entire ballot – from start to finish.

“We no longer can vote a straight Democratic ticket on the ballot with a single check mark,” said Schechter. “We have to tick the box next to each Democrat for every race.”


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