Wed, 11/16/2022 - 22:13

Harris County DA Launches Election Investigation with ‘Eye on Scoring Political Points’

‘Should Be Focused on Convicting Cop Killers Rather Than Playing General Counsel for Gov. Abbott, Local GOP,’ Says HCDP Chair

HOUSTON – The Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party on Wednesday said local District Attorney Kim Ogg is leveraging her position to score political points after she announced an investigation into the county’s midterm election.

“DA Ogg should be focused on convicting cop killers rather than playing general counsel for Gov. Abbott and the Harris County Republican Party,” said Odus Evbagharu.

“Her actions speak to having an eye on scoring political points rather than having true concern about identifying and solving the issues that impacted the midterm elections in Harris County.

“Our DA is not required to send a copy of her email about the investigation to The New York Times just hours after she made this decision, and she’s not required to have the Texas Rangers investigate when we have local law enforcement available.

“The most egregious part of this whole thing is DA Ogg wants to tie up these upstanding election workers and volunteers in the criminal justice system simply for doing their civic duty.”

“While we support a thorough election review, a comprehensive report on opportunities to grow from, and plans of action, we do not agree with urging the prosecution of election workers for faithfully doing their jobs in support of the Democratic process.”

“With DA Ogg following in the footsteps of Gov. Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and the HCRP, she is enabling election deniers and QAnon conspiracy theorists. We cannot be helping amplify false rhetoric in the battle to preserve our democracy, freedom, and rights.”


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