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Harris County Democrats Call Out Local GOP for ‘Trying to Sow Chaos’ in Upcoming Election

Another Example of Republicans’ Attempts to ‘Support Their False Narratives, Bad-Faith Lawsuits,’ Says HCDP Chair

Houston – The Harris County Democratic Party has flagged an issue impacting preparation for the May Primary Runoff Election: Republican representatives are intentionally and willfully delaying the planning process in order to create turmoil that will further erode confidence in our democratic elections.

“Harris County Republican Party officials demonstrated this week that they have abandoned all efforts to even appear like they are working in good faith” with the Democratic Party to plan for the upcoming election, said Rob Icsezen, Deputy Chair of the HCDP Primary Elections Committee.

Icsezen’s committee is working with its GOP counterparts – per Texas Election Code requirements – to determine the polling locations that will be used by voters in the May 24 Primary Runoff Election. Because we now use countywide polling, both parties must agree to the final polling locations list.

Delays in determining the final locations of our polling places will cause all kinds of issues, Icsezen said.

“From staffing needs to equipment planning to traffic and security preparations, almost everything surrounding in-person voting in the election is determined by that final list,” he said.

HCDP Chair Odus Evbagharu cited a number of examples of the delays being caused by Republican representatives, including “sending spreadsheets without key data, failing to respond to repeated requests for meetings, canceling or delaying scheduled meetings, and misrepresenting discussions with HCDP representatives to Elections Administration officials.”

“I believe that this is a bad faith attempt by the Republicans to slow down the designation of polling locations — which it has already done,” Evbagharu said.

“Further, because the May 24 Primary Runoff Election will happen so soon after the May 7 General Election, it is clearly in the best interest of voters to use the same polling locations for the two elections, to the extent possible. But Harris County Republicans refuse to acknowledge this fact, insisting in some circumstances that certain polling locations be moved less than half a mile between the May 7 and May 24 elections, simply to appease the preferences of their party officials and without regard to the inevitable confusion it will cause voters,” Evbagharu said.

“The GOP is clearly trying to sow chaos in order to support their false narratives and bad faith lawsuits, further eroding confidence in our democratic election process,” he said.

Icsezen said that as of the time of this press release, he is entering the second week of waiting for the Republican Party to provide a complete list of their preferred polling locations so they can meet and planning can move forward.


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