The Harris County Elections Department has announced that runoff elections will be held Dec. 11.

The runoffs include four HISD board races, one HCC board race and individual city council races in Bellaire and Missouri City.


District 1: 

Runoff between incumbent Elizabeth Santos and Janette Garza Lindner

District 5:

Runoff between incumbent Sue Deigaard, who served as board president last year, and Caroline Walter

District 6:

Runoff between incumbent Holly Flynn Vilaseca and Kendall Baker

District 7:

Runoff between incumbent Anne Sung and Bridget Wade

Houston Community College

Runoff between incumbent Eva Loredo, who has served on the board since 2009, and Jharrett Bryantt, an assistant superintendent for HISD


Runoff between District 5 candidates Andréa Ehlers and Brian Witt

Missouri City

Runoff between Monica Riley and Reginald Pearson