Tue, 06/18/2019 - 00:00

President Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign this evening in Orlando, Florida.  

Staying true to form the President offered no real solutions to the problems facing the average American or any indications that he is interested in appealing to anyone other than his base.   

This administration has been mired in controversy and never-ending investigations, defined by continued assaults upon the free press, working families, immigrants, our LGBTQ communities, and the truth.

We can—and must—do better.

Republicans in Congress continue to put party over country with their unwavering support for a President who has done nothing but try to dismantle the legacy of President Obama by taking healthcare away from millions, scapegoating immigrant communities and emboldening hate.

But not for long.

We are excited to be at the beginning of a dynamic Democratic Presidential Primary with candidates who are offering real plans and solutions to the problems facing Americans.

Harris County Democrats are ready to rally around the eventual nominee and work hard to turn Texas blue and take our country back.  We will stop the continued degradation of the office of the Presidency and fight to restore our Democracy from going any further down the road of authoritarianism.

We have a lot of work to do but Harris County Democrats are ready.

Trump will be defeated.