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The Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship

Hundreds of organizers and activists across Texas can trace the start of their journey to a training led by Katy Jewett. Her powerful commitment to Democratic values lives on in every door they knock, call they make and voter they register.


The Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship will provide the next generation of progressive political organizers with the skills and support they need to build successful careers helping win elections up and down the ballot.

The Problem


Texas is a diverse, dynamic, and growing state with a governing class stuck in the past. Our schools are crumbling, our roads are pockmarked, and our rights are increasingly under assault.


We need to elect a new generation of leaders committed to building a better future for Texas, but we often struggle to find organizers to carry our message to voters across the state.

Our Solution


The Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship will build a new pipeline for training, mentoring, and supporting new political organizers in order to fill the gaps in our political infrastructure.


Texas is not a red state - it’s an unorganized state.


We’re going to train the generation of organizers who will flip Texas.


Apply to join the Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship!

Are you the person in your friend group who plans every party? Do your coworkers and managers rely on you to keep projects moving forward? When someone asks where to go next, are you the person everyone turns to?


We are looking for natural organizers who are committed to change but haven’t started their organizing career yet to join the first cohort of the Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship.


This is not a brief training course - the Katy Jewett Organizer Apprenticeship is a 16 month-long fully paid career pathway designed to give you a strong grounding in our local. state, and national political system, an understanding of how things work and how we can change them, and the skills and relationships you’ll need to enact real, meaningful change.


Apprentices will then be placed on staff at the Harris County Democratic Party, where they will support the GOTV efforts of the 2024 coordinated campaign. They will continue to receive intensive classroom and field training throughout the fall, working with Democratic allies and campaigns to develop the skills they need to build a career in political organizing.


At the end of the initial phase of the program, apprentices will be placed in full-time positions at allied organizations. Throughout the following year, you will continue to receive training and mentoring to help grow your skillset and network and build a career in changemaking and hellraising.


In order to be considered for the program, you must attend a campaign bootcamp on August 3rd and 4th in Houston.


A hiring committee made up of representatives from the Katy Jewett Memorial Training Fund, the Harris County Democratic Party, and hiring organizations participating in the apprenticeship will meet to evaluate candidates and invite qualified applications to interview on August 14th.


Successful candidates will receive offer letters following their interviews, and will start on September 3rd.

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