Fri, 12/02/2022 - 14:54

Local GOP Candidate 'Attempting to Alter Certified Election with Baseless Charge’

‘They’re Running Out of Options in Election-Attack Playbook,’ Says HCDP Chair

More than three weeks after the midterm election — and after it was certified — a local GOP candidate on Thursday filed a petition with the Texas Secretary of State to contest the results of the race for House District 135.

Mike May, a candidate who lost the seat for House District 135 by 5000 votes, filed a petition on Dec. 1 to contest the results of that election. Mays’ petition claims the results of the House District 135 election inaccurate despite losing by more than 14 percent of the vote.

“This accusation is an absolute joke that reeks of Republican desperation,” said Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu.

“The Republican candidate is attempting to alter a certified election with this baseless charge. Clearly, they’re running out of options in the election-attack playbook.

“The only purpose of this claim is to spread election denial and QAnon conspiracies in order to instill doubt in voters’ minds.

“They were unable to succeed in the court of law. Now they are taking it to the House Chamber in an attempt to throw out votes.

‘When lawmakers should be spending their time focusing on important issues like funding our public schools or securing our electric grid, instead they will need to waste time on this pathetic and unfounded accusation.


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