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A Message From Lillie Schechter:

What happened early this morning on the Senate floor was nothing short of amazing. For now, Trumpcare is dead, and the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. The three Republican Senators who joined the Democrats to kill the bill, deserve some thanks for doing the right thing, but it is the Democratic Party that should get the praise. For over a generation, Democrats have drawn a line in the sand on this issue. Healthcare is a right that all American's deserve.  When we stand together with one voice, we win.
This mornings news was great, but lately it seems I wake-up every morning to an article talking about the demise of the Party, the distrust, the factions, the consultants, the lack of message, the mistakes. Is there an article somewhere about the good work that is happening at the local party level since the election?

I am so EFFING tired of reading articles about the problems with the Democratic Party, almost as tired as I am of hearing the horrible rhetoric spewing out of Trump’s mouth or his  twitter feed. (And yes, I am using that word because extraordinarily doesn't cut it!)

The Democratic candidate for president won the popular vote by 2,864,974. In Harris County, deep in the heart of the reddest state in the Union, 161,959 more people voted for the Democratic candidate than the Republican candidate. 161,959!

We are doing something right. No one is perfect and certainly not this office. We are a volunteer organization with a mission of building an army of volunteers. But elections should bring us together as a Party, not divide us further. Since getting elected as chair, I’ve coordinated special projects with almost every other candidate that ran for the position of County Chair. The other candidates all represent the diversity of our coalition and I hate to steal these words that some now see as tainted, but we are, in fact, STRONGER TOGETHER! 

Since the election, the Harris County Democratic Party is focused on strengthening our relationships in every community and corner in Harris County, focusing on issues that push forward progressive policies for everyone. Because we are a coalition party and we will leave no group behind. When we do, we lose; when we don’t, we win. This is very simple math.

Politics is a war – sometimes a civil one, sometimes not so much – and the stakes determine whether we will do right by our neighbors, or wrong. We are the foot soldiers getting ready for the next battle. To that end, for the last 6 months we have been focused on:

  • Cleaning and updating our database. (We now use one database for everything and it has 0 duplicates in it. We had 60,000 duplicate entries when I came into office!)
  • A complete redesign of our website that will launch in the next few weeks.
  • Hosting Community events around the county (in Pasadena, Kingwood, Cypress, and Southside so far) focused on Latinx voting trends, African American coalitions, LGBT issues, criminal justice reform and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
  • Holding monthly lunches in the Party office focused on Campaign best practices.
  • Recruiting and supporting diverse candidates to run for every elected office.
  • Emailing a weekly newsletter to share information with all of our like-minded organizations, Swing Left, Indivisible, Our Revolution, etc.
  • Recruiting volunteers so that we have 2,018 confirmed volunteers by 2018.
  • Doubling our sustaining membership. (We are up 110% since I came into office!)
  • Training students on every aspect of campaigns through our internship program, and;
  • Training precinct chairs and clubs and orgs on the Voter Database and best practices in organizing.

Every item on this list is only possible because we have very dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers that are working every day to build our community. Everything we are doing is to strengthen our coalitions, build our progressive family and organize our infrastructure so we will hit the ground running in 2018. Our mission is to get more Democrats to the polls in 2018 and WIN the county wide races, but to do that we will all need to be moving forward TOGETHER.

If you would like to get involved in your democratic party,

here are a few ways to join us on the road to 2018!

Volunteer for a Phonebank.

Like us on Facebook.

Attend one of the many HCDP events.

Find your local Precinct Chair and volunteer in your own neighborhood.

Become a Sustaining Member of HCDP.

The party office has an open door policy, please call us, email us or just stop by!

In Solidarity,

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Lillie Schechter

Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party

1445 N Loop West, Suite 110

Houston TX 77008