Wed, 01/08/2020 - 18:48

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Harris County Democratic Party Statement on
Outcome of Judge George Powell Lawsuit

The Harris County Democratic Party regrets the situation Judge Powell found himself in. Without question, we believe all eligible candidates should have access to the ballot.

Nonetheless, the Texas Legislature and its current leadership passed laws making it illegal to remedy any mistakes without court invention.   In turn, we suggested that Judge Powell take this to court as quickly as possible.

As HCDP Chair Lillie Schechter wrote to Judge Powell when we informed him of our decision to not  allow him a place on the ballot ,"​Judge Powell, you have served on the bench with great distinction, so it saddens me to take this action, but I can see no alternative. I must follow the law. Perhaps you can get a Court to direct that you be placed on the ballot, but, as I understand the law, I am unable to do so consistent with my duties under the Texas Election Code."

We hope that this matter is resolved and when Democrats take back the Texas House in November, addressing the outdated and cumbersome election code is on their agenda.