Wed, 04/13/2022 - 13:53

Texas Governor’s Duplicate Border Inspection Process ‘Creating Commercial Chaos,’ Says HCDP Chair

Abbott’s Directive ‘an Utter Disaster’ with ‘Far-Reaching Repercussions’

Houston – A new border inspection directive from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott spawned extreme processing delays in its first week,” creating commercial chaos” at border crossings that will impact the price and availability of goods and produce across the nation.

The Abbott-inspired directive duplicates inspections already performed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This redundant process increases wait times dramatically, causing delays felt all down the supply chain.

“The directive is political theater, pure and simple,” said Odus Evbagharu, Harris County Democratic Party Chair.

“As policy, it is an utter disaster, serving only as an attempt to woo far-right voters. Unfortunately, the governor’s decision to pursue this directive will have far-reaching repercussions for businesses and consumers.”

“Gov. Abbott is contributing to supply-chain problems, and as a result, consumers will be met with product shortages and higher prices; and businesses will be hurt,” Evbagharu said.

“Not only do we get the ‘Abbott Tax’ added to our electricity bills this year, but we get a bonus hit to our wallets: increased prices at the grocery store.

“Because of the governor’s political games, consumers will be forced to pay an ‘Abbott Supply-Chain Surcharge’ on goods, and the ASS tax is going to take a chunk out of all of our wallets.

“Abbott’s latest political stunt comes at a high cost and demonstrates — once again — that the governor has utter disregard for the lives and livelihoods of Texans.”


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