Sat, 01/09/2021 - 14:36
After the Chaos, We Will Stay on Course

On Jan. 6, 2021, Democrats woke up to news that held us in celebration. Georgia had elected our region's first African American to the United States Senate: Rev. Raphael Warnock, son of the South. And that incredible triumph was followed by more jubilation with the senate gain of 33-year-old journalist Robert Ossoff — also the first Jewish Senator elected to the South. Both men were encouraged and mentored by the late icon John Lewis — we were in elation.

Change is happening. This change is people-powered. And the people will not be frightened into the Jim Crow era ever again. Remember the Great Southern Migration. And take solace in the fact that there will be no going back. The South is entering a reformation and its spiritual reckoning.

Hence, it was of no coincidence that as the day went on, our joy was eclipsed by news of bloodshed and destruction.

"Texas Democrats are tasked with a heavy burden now."

Nearly 20 years after Flight 93 was aimed to destroy it, the U.S. Capitol came under attack by a lynching white mob that waltzed through the doors on foot, unchecked and goaded by the president of the United States himself. We must take a deep breath and ask ourselves — how did this happen? Because we already know why. These rabid and indoctrinated cowards detest change. They are not special people. Their ideology is not pro-equality, pro-humanity, pro-compassion. It is self centered. It is vitriolic, pro-hate, and anti-everything we Democrats care deepest about. That's all there is to it.

Texas Democrats are tasked with a heavy burden now. It was our state that led the affront on our Democracy, on the sanctity of our electoral system, on our constitution, and on the American people. We used our voices, and the GOP — a party that took advantage of a ravaging pandemic before a pivotal race for the White House — prodded their herd into a stampede. They created chaos.

"For all of you hurting at the menacing injustice, we hurt with you"

For all of you hurting at the menacing injustice, we hurt with you. This is something that we're still processing and reeling from as well. But make no mistake, we are working hard to stay the course. We will not be intimidated or paralyzed by shock. It is incumbent on us to prepare for what's yet to come. And there is yet so much good to hope for. Stay hopeful. And stay loving.

In our outrage — and as expressed by Indivisible Houston — we stand firmly and relentlessly with Texans calling for the resignation of the following treasonous Republicans:

  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton
  • Representative Jody Arrington
  • Representative Brian Babin
  • Representative Michael C. Burgess
  • Representative John R. Carter
  • Representative Michael Cloud
  • Representative Pat Fallon
  • Representative Louie Gohmert
  • Representative Lance Gooden
  • Representative Ronny Jackson
  • Representative Troy Nehls
  • Representative August Pfluger
  • Representative Pete Sessions
  • Representative Beth Van Duyne
  • Representative Randy Weber
  • Representative Roger Williams
  • Representative Ron Wright

"Believe in us as we believe in you, because we are one Party — and one fierce Community."

Believe in us as we believe in you, because we are one Party — and one fierce Community. If these fools aren't removed, we will do everything in our strength, with principle and integrity, and as a moral imperative — to unseat every one of them when it's our time to raise our voices at the ballot box again. We will vote for retribution. Because no matter what: Change is happening, and finally so.