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HCDP Celebrates the March that changed America

The March on Washington
August 28, 1963

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Help Us Keep Harris County Free 

At the Harris County Democratic Party, we’re proud to join with people from 145 different countries to call the most diverse county in the nation our home.
For us, Harris County is the place where our kids grow up, our parents grow old and wise, and our friends and neighbors live, work, and play. 
And in election after election, our families, friends, and neighbors continue to return local Democrats to office. They support Democrats because they trust our leaders to fight for their most basic human rights.  And for our right to live freely in the place we call home.
But lately, extremist Republicans are targeting our home. 
Threatened by our diversity, by our embrace of differences, and by our belief in basic human rights, these Republicans — desperate to hold onto power — are engineering a ruthless takeover of Harris County: our schools, our elections, and our right to home rule.
They must be stopped.
At HCDP, we need your help. 
Join the fight to protect your rights!

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