What is a Precinct Chair?

The position of Precinct Chair is a Democratic Party office, elected every two years in Democratic Primary elections. Each Precinct Chair represents the voting precinct in which he/she lives, and in our county serves on the Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP) County Executive Committee (CEC). A precinct with no precinct chair is referred to as a “vacant” precinct. Before and after primary elections, County parties may appoint precinct chairs to serve in vacant precincts.

As a Democratic Precinct Chair, you should be willing and able to:

  • Attend quarterly HCDP CEC meetings as a voting member.
  • Contact Democrats who live in your precinct, and remind them to vote in all elections.
  • Support Democratic candidates/officeholders on your precinct’s ballot.
  • Not openly endorse candidates/officeholders from any other political party.

As a Democratic Precinct Chair, you will be given priority if you wish to serve as an Election Judge at your polling location. However, Precinct Chairs are not required to be Election Judges.

Precinct Chair Filing Update

HCDP would like to provide an update on Precinct Chair filing for the 2022 Primary. Although Precinct Chair filing began on, Sept. 14, 2021, HCDP strongly encourages Precinct Chairs to wait to file until after redistricting.

Please keep in mind:

  • Under SB13, there will be a second Precinct Chair filing period after redistricting (dates to be set by the Secretary of State). The second filing period is when we strongly encourage Precinct Chairs to file.
  • During the redistricting process, precinct boundaries may change. Individuals who file now may be in a different precinct after redistricting.
  • Precinct numbers may also change: The correct precinct number must appear on a Precinct Chair’s filing.
  • Any Precinct Chair applications received during this first filing period (beginning on Sept. 14) will have to be re-reviewed after redistricting is completed to ensure the Precinct Chair still lives in the correct precinct and the precinct number remains correct.

If you have any additional questions about filing please email election2022@harrisdemocrats.com

Application for Precinct Chair Appointment

Use this application process to request that your Senatorial District’s Democratic Party leadership nominate you for a precinct chair appointment to a vacant precinct. If you are not sure whether your precinct is vacant, check here to find out.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Democratic Precinct Chair!

Silvia Gederberg, Precinct Chair Coordinator, Harris County Democratic Party

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You can find your State Senate District here: wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home. If you can't find this info, please confirm your full address is entered above and we'll figure that out with you.
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