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Fight Voter Suppression!

Our Voter Protection Program

Our Mission: To ensure that all legal voters in Harris County can exercise their right to vote.

Republicans continue to make voting more and more difficult in Texas, resulting in many would-be voters being turned away. Join us in fighting against this attack of Democracy.

HCDP runs the largest county-wide Voter Protection Program in Texas.

Highlights of our program:

     Team of attorneys and volunteers manning our hotline.

     Hundreds of poll watchers, observing what happens in the polls to make sure that voters are not facing intimidation.
(Want to be a poll watcher? Fill out this form)

     Outside volunteers, ready to help when lines get long.

     Advocates for equitable placement of polling locations, proper allocation of equipment, and fair treatment of election workers.

     Support for election workers.


Questions? Need help? Call our hotline: (713) 802-0085 (open when the polls are open)

Email us:

Want to volunteer to help? Join us by emailing your name and contact info.

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