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HCDP VANual 101: Starter's Guide for Precinct Chairs

We walk you through some essential VAN and MiniVAN functions. This starter guide for Democratic Precinct Chairs will help you create a:

  • Precinct Chair Organizing Plan

  • Phone Bank and Block Walking list

  • Virtual Phone Bank

  • Block Walk on MiniVAN

  • Printed Phone and Walk Lists

  • Batch of Labels for Mailers/Postcards

For any VAN questions, please request help here.

HCDP Open Virtual Phone Bank Tutorial (2020 Primary Runoff Election Edition)

Former HCDP's Northwest Organizer, RJ Coronado, discusses the importance of getting out the vote; shares phone banking best practices; and explains how you can get started!

To find virtual phone bank opportunities near you, visit our events page.

Digital Organizing Series: Emails, Text Messages, & Virtual Meetings

The HCDP Digital Team discusses how to launch an effective email campaign, how to host a successful virtual meeting, and how to use mass texting services.

Digital Organizing Series: Creating Digital Content

The HCDP Digital Team highlights the importance of digital organizing; discusses how you can create compelling digital content; and shares do's and don'ts of social media.

Becoming an Election Worker

The HCDP Elections Team highlights the vital role an election worker plays in democracy; explains how you can do your part in voter protection; and discusses how COVID-19 will impact voting in Harris County in 2020.

Election workers are the most important part of voter protection. From setting up the polling location, to assisting voters with the voting machines -- election workers are the unsung heroes of democracy. To sign up to become a Democratic Election worker, click here.

Poll watchers are volunteers that the Voter Protection Team sends into polling locations to observe and report back to our team of attorneys. They note anything from long lines to broken voting machines. To sign up to become a poll watcher, click here.

Texas Democratic Voting Hotline: 844-TX-VOTES (89-86837)
- In Asian Languages: 888-API-VOTE
- In Arabic: 844-YALLA-US
- In American Sign Language (video call): 301-818-VOTE

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